for Vision Cashiers

  • Coordinated and administered raising $65,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of the Plateau for plateau area residents who were “food insecure” due to the corona virus

  • Created and installed the Vision Cashiers “Cashiers Connect” WiFi district installing hotspots in 11 locations throughout the Cashiers commercial area making internet access available for free to all who visit the area. We want to expand and increase the density in the area and encourage businesses and homeowners to sign up as users.

  • Helped the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation cure the lack of primary care medical services by working with Blue Ridge Health and MAHEC (Mountain Area Health Education Center) to open a clinic adjacent to the Highlands Cashiers hospital with 2 physicians and 3 rotating residents.

  • Expanded our virtual medical access program,“Call When Sick”,  to 295 families on the plateau. They pay $108 a year or $9 a month for 24/7/365 access to a doctor virtually. No co-pay, no deductible.

  • Collected donations for gifting “Call When Sick” to 56 needy families. Solicited participation with the Free Dental Clinic, the Boys and Girls Club of the Plateau, Blue Ridge School, the Community Care Clinic of Highlands Cashiers and the Cashiers Valley Preschool.

  • Working on securing land to be contributed to a new housing initiative that will create 100 duplexes. They will be for teachers, nurses, managers and professionals.

  • Secured an agreement with Jackson County to assume maintenance and liability for sidewalks we are able to get built.

  • Convinced multiple property owners to pay for the construction of sidewalks on their property. Vision Cashiers paid for the required engineering and sidewalk survey. Our task now is to get more property owners to pay for them.

  • Raised over $100,000 in funds and built sidewalks on the Village Green property on routes 64 and 107

  • Created a Marketing Committee to maintain all communications on Vision Cashiers initiatives

  • Secured a $60,000 grant from the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation to establish pathways in Cashiers with the purpose of making Cashiers into a walkable community. We secured consultants to create a Master Implementation Plan for the Cashiers Greenway Ramble.

  • Created a POA (Property Owner Association) collaborative enabling the officers to meet and share best practices any to seek input on property and owner issues.

  • Created a “Cashiers Dog Park” with the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department between the ball fields at the Cashiers Recreation Center. Raised over $63,000 from 159 “Puppy Patrons” to build it and it is now complete.

  • Rescue Squad expansion- through our introduction a new substation was created on 64 at the Cottage Inn reducing precious emergency response time by 5 minutes for Cashiers and Sapphire residents.

  • Vision Cashiers volunteers personally distributed 500 face masks to 100 businesses in Cashiers thanks to the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation and the Dogwood Health Trust.

  • In cooperation with the Cashiers library and the Village Green, our Pathways and Preservation task force volunteers created a story walk for the Ramble to have an interactive display populated with a book, changed 4 times a year.

  • Created (thanks to Irv Welling) Leadership Cashiers and supported it to become a Chamber of Commerce initiative. Now, 3 classes have gone through the program teaching future leaders what the issues are in Cashiers.