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Urban Planning

Community Planning

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Paul Robshaw

Taskforce leader

Mission - Foster and encourage prudent, sustainable, quality growth of the Cashiers area so that our community can prosper as a year round economy and destination, preserving and capitalizing on its natural assets and heritage and known as a great place to live and visit.

"Improving Tomorrow...Today!"

Vision - Fulfillment of the long range plan that enables Cashiers to operate as a functional year-round community.

Community Planning is creating a viable community by embracing the history of our past and complimenting it with the needs of the future. Skilled community leaders have come together to create a plan for Cashiers that harmonizes with the needs of our growing community. We are building a plan that protects our scenic beauty, preserves our historic presence, provides for the needs of the future like:

•availability of high speed internet

•availability of medical services

•health and wellness options

•walkability and pedestrian safety

•housing that is affordable for our full time employees

•training and availability of jobs

All our initiatives will complement the most recent "Small Area Plan" created over the last year by Jackson County and the Cashiers Planning Council.

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