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Our mission is to foster and encourage prudent, sustainable growth of the Cashiers area so that our community can prosper as a year-round economy and destination, preserving and capitalizing on its natural assets and heritage as a great place to live and visit.


Vision Cashiers promotes policies and actions that retain the look, feel and scale of our village environment.  We support growth and development that respects our heritage and natural resources.  We recognize change is inevitable and maintaining the status quo is not possible over the long term.  Cashiers will either grow or decline.  We embrace growth and we commit to ensuring that growth in Cashiers is smart, prudent, and sustainable. We believe it is critical to guide appropriate development through a county driven, independent expert led, planning process that is thoughtful, transparent and open to public participation.


Specifically, we support:


  • Projects that ease traffic congestion at the Crossroads and promote pedestrian access. 

  • Commercial and residential buildings that maintain the traditional village scale of the crossroads area.

  • Development that reflects careful attention to the preservation of the natural beauty and heritage of Cashiers. 

  • Growth that keeps pace with our water supply and quality, as well as sewage treatment availability. 

  • Protect property rights and citizen engagement. 


We recommend:

  • That the Jackson County Planning Department and the Cashiers Planning Council engage independent experts to review the existing Cashiers Commercial Land Development Ordinance.  The current ordinances, created in 2003 and last amended in 2009, are outdated and inadequate

  • That there be public input during the planning process.

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