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Meet the Crossroads Society

Supporters of Vision Cashiers

Marvin & Helene Gralnick .jpg

Marvin & Helene Gralnick


David Green

Jay Hurt.jpg

Jay Hurt

Turner & Ashley Inscoe.jpg

Turner & Ashley Inscoe

representing Marvin & Helene Gralnick

Maggie & Bob Carton.jpg

Maggie & Bob Carton

Maggie is on the board

of directors  and serving as secretary.

Walter & Clark.jpg

Dr. Walter & Joy Clark

Walter is on the board

of directors  


Steve & Lee Ann DeCarlo

Louis & Judy Freeman.jpg

Louis & Judy Freeman

Ron & Kaye Keller.jpg

Ron & Kaye Keller

Sue and Bill Lewis.jpg

Bill & Sue Lewis

Deana and Budd Litowitz (1).jpg

Budd & Deane Litowitz


Adrienne & Jochen Lucke

Sam & Wendy Lupas.jpg

Sam & Wendy Lupas

Sam is on the board

of directors  

Bob & Jean Markley.jpg

Bob & Jean Markley

Bob is on the board

of directors as the treasurer

Lilian and Jimmy Maurin.jpg

Jimmy & Lilian Maurin

Susan and B Oglesby.jpg

B & Susan Oglesby

Brien & Sallie Peterkin.jpg

Brien & Sally Peterkin

Jim & Linda Poche.jpg

Jim & Linda Poche

Beth and Steve Casual photo.jpg

Beth & Steve Preston

Linda and Mark Quick.jpg

Mark & Linda Quick

Ritter, Bridget and Al.jpg

Al & Bridget Ritter

Paul Robshaw & Linda Benge.jpg

Paul Robshaw & Linda Benge

Paul Robshaw is on the board of directors and is currently serving as President. 

Rybert, Marie and Fritz.jpg

Fritz & Marie Rybert

Charlie & Barbara Tickle.jpg

Charlie & Barbara Tickle

Nat & Ellen Turner.jpg

Nat & Ellen Turner

Nat is on the board

of directors  

Kim & Glenn Ubertino.png

Glenn & Kim Ubertino

Irv & Eleanor Welling.jpg

Irv & Eleanor Welling

Irv Welling is on the board of directors and is currently serving as Chairman.

Whittle, Jennifer and Mack.jpg

Mack & Jennifer Whittle

Ann Wrobleski & Phil Truluck.jpg

Ann Wrobleski

Ann Wrobleski is on the board of directors.


Tom & Leslie Wyatt

Steve and Suzan Zookis (2).jpg

Steve & Suzan Zoukis

And several multi-year residents who specialize in public policy and communications with a special thanks to Ann Austin. 

Ann Austin

Ann has been a tireless advocate for all that we have created in Vision Cashiers.

We want to express our appreciation for the passion and commitment that she has for the future of Cashiers and the guidance she gives us as we progress.

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