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Doctor Using Digital Tablet



Malcolm Duncan

Taskforce Leader

Mission- Provide community based care for the Cashiers plateau area.


Vision - Be a community that embraces Community Based Care, a healthy lifestyle and rapid access to quality medical services.

60 engaged leaders (29 are physicians) are out to increase access and expand offerings throughout the area.

We are building alliances with other foundations and service providers who want to engage in our initiatives. One is with HealthiestYou (a TelaDoc company) where a household can purchase virtual access to a doctor 24/7/365 for $108 a year or $9 a month. No deductible or co-pay. 

Scroll down to see the physician directory.


Check out the Community Health Report presentation from the Jackson County Department of Health.

We found it very informative and has given us many ideas of where Vision Cashiers can work to help the community health.

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