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Don Jehle

Taskforce leader

Mission- To make Cashiers a pedestrian friendly community.


Vision- Build sidewalks and pathways for residents and visitors enabling all ages to walk, hike, jog, etc.

The task force has surveyed and engineered sidewalks for the circle route of Frank Allen Road, Highway 64 and Highway 107 with the objective of building them. In 2020 we had them built on the United Community Bank property and the Village Green property on 64 and 107. In 2021 we have negotiated with Jackson County to expand the area (see yellow below) and they have agreed to assume liability and maintenance for all the sidewalks we build. The white lines show what is expected to be built by Spring.

The project has been bid and owners have agreed to construct on their property. Vision Cashiers has paid the costs of survey, engineering, and coordinated with Jackson county and the NCDOT. Vision Cashiers will also accessorize the route once complete.

Phase 2 of pedestrian walkway construction in Cashiers:

Jackson County approved plan 12.15.2020.
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